Blue Plate Restaurant Company

Job 170207 - Sous Chef
Minneapolis, MN

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Job Details

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Job Description:

Sous Chef with Blue Plate Restaurant Company


Reports to:

Executive Chef with a dotted line to General Manager



The following is a description of the overall accountabilities and responsibilities for a Sous Chef (Sous) with the Blue Plate Restaurant Company. This description is fairly broad in its approach to the position; the expected day to day tasks will be outlined in other documentation. As the restaurant business can be dynamic and changing it should be known that the job includes but is not limited to the duties and responsibilities listed herein.  It is up to the Chef to solve any and all problems to the best of their ability and in the best interest of the business, regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day.


Mission Statement

Passionate hospitality & flavors fuel our community


Core Values

Hospitality - Surpass expectations while providing a comforting experience

Achievement - Meeting or exceeding stated expectations with integrity

Community - A place to belong

Relationships - Investing in others


In addition to our Core Values, we strive to:

uphold our reputation as a quality, locally owned & operated business

increase profitability

increase measurable growth, both financially and professionally

exceed a continually higher standard, to which we will hold ourselves and each other. 


Accountabilities and Responsibilities


Leadership - The Sous is expected to lead by example in all areas. Enthusiastic dedication, professionalism and positive leadership have the greatest impact on the team. The Sous must organize, energize, develop and lead a diverse work group with BPRC’s Mission Statement and Core Values as the guiding principles.


Running great shifts using great people and creating relationships

Hiring great people and not compromising standards

Training and upholding people to company standards

Communicating to team members clearly and effectively

Communicating to Chef, GM and fellow managers clearly and effectively

Identifying opportunities and taking swift action to correct behavior

Always looking for culinary opportunities and ways to improve

Culinary Focus - The Sous is responsible for adherence to Executive Team expectations and guidelines.

Understand and Support Executive Team initiatives. Continuously support and build the culture behind our culinary vision


Work closely with the Chef and Culinary Director to keep the menu fresh and relevant through features and seasonal menu changes

Hold all team FOH & BOH accountable for adherence to expectations and specifications

Conversing and coaching managers and staff on a daily basis about our food and culinary vision.

Maintain food quality and sanitary practices for food handling & cleanliness

Will uphold all Serv Safe guidelines both FOH & BOH


Hiring, Training & Development of BOH Team Members – The Sous is responsible for the training, development and cohesiveness of all BOH team members. This can be done in the following ways:


Interviewing and Hiring using the Blue Plate selection tools

Work with trainees and trainers to ensure all aspects of the position are reviewed, demonstrated and validated

Continued training through Coaching, Mentoring, Development Plans & Support

Giving & soliciting consistent and constructive feedback

Measuring and documenting team members successes and opportunities

Creating and reviewing goals for key hourly staff and BOH team members


Profitable Financial Operations - The Sous is held accountable to the store being a profitable operation. Key areas to this are:

Understanding of Profit & Loss statement and what impacts it

Understands the budget and how to impact it

Comprehension of financial reporting platform, specifically all inventory functions

You will work closely with the Chef to maintaining product levels without over ordering or running out of products

Understands costs and how they impact the financial statement.

Prime Costs - labor, food, beverage

Controllable Costs - i.e. office supplies, marketing, training & education, printing

Understands productive scheduling and is held accountable for:

Writing schedules to budgeted labor percentage

Managing to those numbers daily

Reviewing opportunities and taking action to correct shortcomings


Facilities – Sous is responsible for working with the Chef to maintain the entire facilities of the store. This to ensure cleanliness and consistent operation of the restaurant.

Sanitation: Maintain standards of cleanliness through daily cleaning company and employee standards

Equipment: Perform thoughtful consistent maintenance checks on all equipment. Possess base knowledge for the functions of all equipment.

Health Department: Follow all safety & sanitation standards

Exterior: Maintain eye-appealing exterior. Ensure back dock is cleaned daily, any flowers are watered regularly, all snow removal is timely, all garbage and debris is swept continuously throughout the day

Interior: Keeping all employees on task with cleanliness responsibilities throughout their shifts 

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